Stay safe, We are looking for you.

What's IamHere?

IamHere system is developed to assist a rescue worker to locate victims under collapsed building by sending a signal from rescue worker’s smartphone to trigger victim’s smartphones to generate sound. It utilizes Wi-Fi signal which can be broadcasted from any devices but not limited to smartphones. When victim’s smartphone can detect the signal, it will automatically generate the sound which can lead the rescue worker to its location.

System Workflow

  1. The user is required to installed “IamHere” app which will be running in the background. No action is required after the first installed. Therefore, it is always ready even when a disaster occurs.
  2. The rescue team will start searching and broadcasting Wi-Fi signal from their device which has an SSID generated by “IH Rescuer”.
  3. Once, victim’s smartphones detect Wi-Fi signal which SSID generated by the “IH Rescuer”, it will execute a given command and generate sound so that the victim can be found more easily.
  4. After rescue process is completed, the rescue team can broadcast signal with silence command to terminate the sound from all victim’s phones.

2 apps 2 roles

IamHere system is divided into two apps which are as follows:

  • Victim-side application (Orange Logo) -- IamHere: it will generate sounds and send victim personal profile to rescue worker.
  • Rescue-side application (Blue Logo) -- IH Rescuer: it will be used to generate SSID which contains specific command and broadcast to victim’s smartphones.

Do nothing, Just stay safe

All thing you have to do is just fill up your personal profile in IamHere.

When disaster happens, the rescue team will search for you by sending a signal to activate alarm at your smartphone. The smartphone will constantly generate sound, so that, the rescue team can hear and know where the sound is coming from. Thus, they can locate the victim. Your personal information and search status will be display at the lock screen notification

For Rescuer Worker

When survivor smartphone receive signal from rescue worker, It will sound the alarm. Also the distance from the rescue worker will determine the frequency of the alarm to further help with locating survivor.

Rescue worker only needs to choose commands and filters to generate SSID. Then use it to broadcast command to victim's smartphone.

Command List

  • ON - Activate victim's phones, trigger them to generate sound, and display victim's personal details at the lock screen notification.
  • OFF - Stop victim's phones from generating sound.

Filter List

  • Age: Children (Age 15 or lower), Adult (Age 16 to 60), Elder (Age 60 or higher), and All
  • Blood Type: A, B, AB, O, and ALL

Your life, We care

The IamHere application will periodically upload it's current position to the server, which will be used in the event of an emergency. This will happen only once a day with the smartphone is connected to the Internet. The information we collected is every rough in the level of district and province to not violate the privacy of the user.